Use Your Photos to Make a Personalized Gratitude Jar

By Katie Markey McLaughlin on 2015-11-14


With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, it’s the season for acknowledging all the good in our lives. There is a wealth of psychological research showing that when we actively cultivate feelings of gratitude, it leads to greater happiness, better health, and stronger relationships.

One of the most popular ways to cultivate gratitude—during the Thanksgiving season and beyond—is by making a gratitude jar and filling it with little notes of thankfulness for all of your blessings.

I decided to personalize my gratitude jars this season using photos of my children from Portrait Innovations!

Throughout the month of November, I’m filling up each of the jars with things I’m thankful for in relation to each child—things like the way my baby smiles when I pick her up first thing in the morning and the way my son laughs hysterically at his own knock-knock jokes.

Someday I might even give my kids the jars filled with my gratitude notes as a present. What a meaningful gift that will be!

Want to make a similar personalized gratitude jar? It couldn’t be simpler! Just grab some mason jars and your favorite prints from your Portrait Innovations portrait session. Depending on the size of your jar, you may need to trim your pictures a bit to get the right fit.

Then just roll your photo slightly and slide it into your jar—that’s it!

(Quick tip: If you’re able to find a jar with little to no writing on it, that will make your photo stand out more clearly. I also found that photos with dark backgrounds work better with the reflection of the glass.)

If your children are older, why not make them each their own gratitude jar and they can fill it throughout the season with things they’re thankful for? Or set out a family gratitude jar that everyone contributes to—and read all the responses together during Thanksgiving dinner!

A personalized gratitude jar is a fun and unexpected way to use your favorite photos from your Portrait Innovations photo session. Get into the spirit of thankfulness by booking your session today!

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Katie Markey McLaughlin

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