Top 3 Photo Gifts for Grandparents

By Megan Galko on 2015-10-25


My grandmother recently had a milestone birthday and I wanted to get her something small to celebrate the day and let her know how much we care.  If you knew my grandmother however, you would know that she isn't very easy to shop for.  She is a very practical woman who lives in a small apartment and she doesn't like a lot of clutter.

One thing my grandmother does enjoys however,  is having pictures of her family--especially the great grandchildren-- in her apartment so I decided to get her some photo gifts from Portrait Innovations.

I love getting photos done at Portrait Innovations because the photographers always take the time to take 60+ pictures so I'm always sure to get a few that work--which isn't always easy when trying to get five kids to smile for the camera, let alone all look in the right direction!

Top 3 Photo Gifts for Grandparents

1- Portrait Books--these books are great because they come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can get larger, photo album style hard covered books that are great for coffee tables or do smaller, soft sided books that are perfect for carrying in your purse. I decided to go with the 5X5 soft covered book so that she could carry the book in her purse and show all of her friends at church her grandchildren. I figured the soft sided book was better than having her have to carry 5 wallet sized photos of each of my kids.

2- Gallery Wrapped Portrait Canvas--the gallery wrapped portrait canvases are a great gift option as well. They are ready to hang on the wall and look great at any size. I chose the smaller size so that it could sit on her tabletop or hang on her wall and she doesn't have to worry about getting a picture frame for it. It looks great and looks more expensive than it really is. It is a great option for above a fireplace as well!

3- Portrait Collages--I typically don't get photo collages of my kids done but I did this time, because I wanted to give them as gifts, I got the photo collages--and I was so glad I did. I loved how the photographer paired up my oldest and youngest and got my three middle girls together. It makes for a classic photo that my grandmother will love and cherish. Why not find a Portrait Innovations studio near you and have your kids picture taken? Click here to find a studio near you.

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