10 Tips for Your Perfect Portrait Session

By Aurelia Good on 2015-04-29


I am a huge believer in the power of photography, and I make it a priority to document our life with as many photos as I can. I love swinging my Canon camera around my neck and capturing our daily lives, but there is something special about going to a photography studio and having the professionals take photos of my kids! Taking three kids aged 7 and under can be a bit crazy, but you CAN do it and have a fantastic experience with plenty of smiles from your kids.

1. If possible, schedule your appointment on a weekday. We have had the best success on Wednesdays or Thursdays. When you make your appointment tell the studio exactly what pictures you are looking for so that they know and are prepared.

2. Choose a time when your kids will be at their best. For us, the first appointment of the day is best before our little guy is ready for nap time and the girls are fresh.

3. Bring snacks/drinks/bottles. After our first photo session where Sophie had a melt down because she was hungry I learned my lesson. I pack some favorite snacks that the kids are allowed to have while they are waiting for pictures to be taken and after we are done.

4. If your kids are camera shy, let them bring a lovey or a toy. For Sophie's second birthday she had to have Thomas and Rosie trains with her in the picture, and when Bella was 3 she needed to hold her purple turtle. While you may not want to have a doll in your Easter pictures....consider this: you can have your child smiling with her doll or you can deal with tears. For me, it's better to have extra *props* and get the kids smiling!

5. Let your kids have time to warm up once they are in the studio. My girls really don't like to be the center of attention, so giving them a few minutes to get used to the lights and the camera makes all the difference. It's amazing to see how their personality can shine once they are comfortable!

6. To do multiple clothing changes, stick with outfits that are easy to change. The girls never wear tights/socks and I make sure their dresses are easy for them to get in and out of. Our little guy is usually in a plain onsie that I can slip shirts over, and he stays in either khakis or jeans. Forget the shoes - go barefoot!

7. When we arrive all the kids are dressed for the first photo at the studio. From there I'll go down the line based on who needs a snack/bottle next.

8. Make sure you get at least a few photos of you and your husband! I know that I am always behind the camera and I have very few pictures of the 2 of us together. If you are able to take your spouse with you, jump in together!

9. Prep your kids about what you are going to do. We finally found a studio that we like and where the girls are comfortable. Now as soon as I tell them it's picture time they know exactly what to expect when we arrive. If you are going to a new studio ask if you can visit the studio a few days before your session. You can walk your child(ren) through the space, they can see what's going on and hopefully have an idea of what to expect when it's picture day!

10. Talk to your photographer. The photographers are great at what they do, but they can't read minds. Tell them if you want a specific picture, backdrop, prop, grouping etc. We did this shot in anticipation of our little guy's adoption day and it was adorable!

Getting professional pictures taken doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't need to cost a fortune! 



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