Tips for Coordinating Outfits for Larger Groups

By Megan Galko on 2015-11-30


I really love having my kids pictures taken.  I love to look back over the years and see how much everyone has changed and grown, especially now that my kids are entering the pre-teen years and it seems like they change daily.

That means that we have lots of pictures of my kids--and sometimes my husband and I as well--and I have a few tricks for getting the best pictures for larger groups.

A few years ago it was the trend for everyone in the photo to dress exactly the same--remember all those photos of families in their jeans and white button downs? I admit, for years I dressed all of my girls in the same dress for family photos and they all looked really cute! While I don’t still always go for the matching outfits,  I always found that it was easiest to dress them alike because with five kids in the picture it can get very "busy" looking in the photo quickly so I do still try to have the younger three dress in similar dresses.

Here are my tips for coordinating outfits for larger families and groups:



Don't use colors that draw attention away from the overall photo.  In this photo, my I dressed my girls in variations on navy, with two of them in polka dots and the other in a solid navy dress. I then added some pops of color with the youngest wearing a yellow dress and my son wearing a casual yellow shirt.  The photographer then picked a background that coordinated with the overall color scheme and made the yellows really stand out.


When wearing clothing that has a pattern,  then it is best to keep the background simple.  In this photo, my girls are wearing a pretty paisley patterned dress, so we kept the background simple with just the plain white background keeping the focus on the kids.



Finally, in a photo like this one that features classic creams and greys, feel free to experiment a little and add in some visual interest with a festive backdrop. I love how the colors of the background really mimic the colors in my girls dresses and how the ornament colors really shine through. It makes for a classic holiday photo.

I hope these easy tips help you when planning for your next photo shoot, whether you have one or ten people in your group!

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Megan Galko

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