The Importance of Grandparent Photos

By Aurelia Good on 2015-08-21


Every summer we travel back to where I grew up. It's about six hours from where we live now, and it's a great opportunity for the kids to see where Mommy used to live and connect with my mom who still lives in Buffalo, NY. Our last trip up we were reminiscing about my dad, my grandmother and my father-in-law who had all passed away and I realized that I only have a handful of pictures of my kids with my father in law and my grandmother, and I have NONE of them with my father! It saddened me to realize that my kids have few picture with those important family members. I have never taken my mom to our local studio to get pictures taken when she visits us - so I decided to find a studio that was near to her house and do them there!

It's so easy to take pictures of our kids, right? We dress them up in cute clothes and the photographer makes funny faces - and we get an amazing picture that captures their personalities. Now I want you to think about adding in your extended family in your next photo shoot. Yes, it will take more time, more flexibility and it will probably add in a new level of crazy, especially if you are adding in multiple people. But trust me, the end result is SO worth it!!

The photographers are trained to take pictures and deal with crazy families - and they are good at what they do. This trip I convinced my mom to come with us, and the photographer got some amazing pictures of my kids and my mom. Not only that, but now I have beautiful pictures of my mom with my kids that the kids will remember! My next trip up I'm going to try to convince my cousin and her family to jump in!! Even better, the studios don't charge a per person sitting fee, so you can have 1 or 100 people in your pictures. They say a picture speaks a thousand words - so make your next photo shoot speak volumes! Include those special people and don't wait until the *perfect* time, because that time is right now.

While summer is winding down, make sure to check out their cute beach backdrop and props! We love candid shots, so the photographer pulled out a bucket of shells and snapped away as the kids played. My son was in love with the little red shovel and I had to check three times that Bella left all the starfish at the studio! Another shot that I always ask the photographer to take is the back of my kids, holding hands - or at least attempting to hold hands. These are the shots that I love to hang on our wall - it doesn't matter if the kids were fussing or not smiling. Of course, because we love candid shots, we always get at least a few of someone tackling someone else:

I was so happy with our studio experience! I have only used our local studio and I wasn't sure how the kids would do. Our little guy had a harder time warming up than the girls did, but with some funny faces from the photographer he was smiling in no time! I encourage you to find a studio near you, book an appointment and capture some memories today.

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