Portrait Innovations' Keepsakes Keep Us in Touch

By Guest Blogger on 2015-05-25


My husband and I have been together for six years and have been married for four. During these first four years of marriage, we’ve endured two deployments, one hardship tour, and plenty of separations because of the military. With all of the time apart, my husband misses a lot of family milestones, such as our sons’ birthdays and our anniversary. We haven’t even had a chance to take family photos since my youngest was two months old because we were been busy moving between three different states just last year.

As a military family, we understand that families can’t always be together. We do everything we can to keep in touch. We video chat, send care packages, and share pictures as much as possible. Our sons grow so fast, so I try to take as many pictures of them as I can. 

Our most recent venture to the Portrait Innovations studio was wonderful. At first, I was worried that the session wouldn’t turn out that great because my oldest sometimes acts out a little when he misses his dad. I thought not having my husband there during the family photo session would cause a problem for my son. Beth and Don, the associates,  kept my babies laughing and so relaxed, I don’t even think they had time to realize what was happening.

All of the photos came out beautifully! My sons had beautiful smiling faces and not terrified or sad faces (yes, during one deployment we had family photos taken and my son clinged to me the entire time). It was a huge sigh of relief when I saw how smoothly the session was going. With all of the poses we received with our package, I was able to send my husband a keepsake mug, mouse pad, and keychain, so he could see our babies’ smiling faces all day, every day. Did I forget to mention that Portrait Innovations offers a 10% military discount on all military family purchases? That’s just another reason why I love Portrait Innovations!



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