Photo Gifts are Great All Year Round

By Guest Blogger on 2015-05-31


Our family is spread across the United States so giving the gift of a portrait is perfect way for family to feel they see the growth of our kids.  Kids change so quickly, especially when they were babies, I went to the studio every 3 months for updated potraits.  However now that the kids are older and with our hectic schedules we never seem to get a family photo session planned. Thanks to places like Portrait Innovations you can run in and out of there an hour with a great selection of poses, layouts  and gifts for any occasion.


While grandparents love getting school pictures each year, I thought having a few great poses of all three kids could make some unique gifts they can showcase to their friends and not just collect dust in a frame.  Since it had been many years since our last studio appointment we were pleasantly surprised how well they worked with grumpy tweens.  One child felt he should be somewhere else on a Friday after school. 


While framed portraits are great and Portrait Innovations gives you many sizes to choose from in their packages, we plan on mixing things up and giving them some personalized gifts this year.  Here are our top gift ideas they offer.

1.      I prefer the traditional white backdrops but Portrait Innovations has all sorts of props and backdrops to meet your tastes.  The kids had a choice on some of their poses which made them enjoy the process that much more.  There were so many great shots that we had to get a portrait book, or brag book for the grandparents.  What a perfect gift to stash on a coffee table or just enjoy browsing when they are missing their grandkids.

2.     Ornaments are the perfect gift to get your children.  We have a tradition that we give each child an ornament each year and that will be their collection to take with them once they move out of the house… Whenever that might be. 

3.     We already give one grandparent a calendar each year and if we had thought to bring a  change outfits that would be fun to have not only a few different poses but outfits to fit the season.  Next time.  The staff is so good at saving you time by creating pictures and layouts while you are looking at your poses.  I had no idea she was creating our book at that moment.

4.     No more denying who left their hot cocoa mug out.  I plan on giving each child a mug with one of their single poses on them so there is no question who the culprit was! 

5.     One stop shop at Portrait Innovations, you can have greetings cards made for any occasion while you wait.

The most fun part of our session was recreating  a photo from our last photo studio session (7 years ago).  What do you think?


Be sure to see if there is a Portrait Innovations studio near you and start making your gift list.



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