Marking the Year

By Molly Shalz on 2015-10-25


This year is a bit different for us having two kids in school. I have one son in first grade and my second son started kindergarten. They grow SO much in these early years. And the funny thing is, you can't really see the differences unless you take a photo at the beginning of the year and then again at the end of the year.

That's exactly what we did at our Portrait Innovations studio. I took the boys to mark the occasion of having them both in school. It's such an exciting time and I wanted to be able to do something special for them.

The studio experience was absolutely wonderful. The photographer was the same one we had in February. Once again she did an amazing job getting the boys to smile and interact with each other without any squabbles!

We adore the photos and will treasure them always.

But I realized I wanted other family members to be able to treasure them too! The personalized cards are awesome for this purpose. I gave them to my parents, in-laws and sisters. There are so many choices for every season. In fact, I'll definitely be going back to their website to order Christmas cards!

You can personalize with colors, text and size. And you won't regret buying these cards as your family members will LOVE them!

They grow so fast and the cards are a great gift for others who may not see them all the time. Why not send a little bit of happy to loved ones' mailboxes!


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Molly Shalz

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