Have Fun This Fall With Halloween Costume Portraits

By Katie Markey McLaughlin on 2015-10-18


What’s the first thing you usually do after booking a portrait session for your children or family?

For many of us, it’s deciding on the outfits: choosing a style, coordinating the colors, and making sure everything will look picture-perfect. We often dress our children in their finest attire to get a flawless, frame-worthy portrait.

Now, don’t get me wrong, those portraits are gorgeous. But fall is a great time to try something a bit different—and downright FUN!—with your portrait session by dressing your kiddos in their Halloween costumes!

I recently took my 3-year-old son and 4-month-old daughter to get Halloween costume portraits at Portrait Innovations. I was thrilled at how the very talented photographer chose backdrops and poses that complemented their costumes perfectly.

First my boy wore a homemade caterpillar costume (the same one his dad wore when he was 3 years old!).

The photographer catered to his costume by having him lie on his belly in true caterpillar-style.

She also used the beautiful field backdrop to give the sense that he was really on his way to go trick-or-treating. Then she got him giggling and took this fun shot. It truly captures the joy and excitement of a little boy who’s about to get a bucket full of Halloween candy, don’t you think?

Then it was my baby girl’s turn to put on her Wonder Woman costume. There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a costume, and I’m so glad I now have these amazing photos to remember her first Halloween!

I love how her cape is flying behind her in true superhero-fashion.

The photographer then pulled down an American flag backdrop, which resulted in this perfect shot in front of the red and white stripes. She looks like she’s about to take off to rescue someone in trouble!

I also brought along matching astronaut costumes for my kids, and the Portrait Innovations photographer paired them perfectly with a gray textured background to give the photos a true outer space feel.


They’re just like Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, don’t you think?

My kids had a blast playing dress-up for the camera, and yours will too when you take them for Halloween costume portraits at Portrait Innovations! It’s a great, unexpected way to capture your child’s sillier side, and the results are a perfect dose of fall fun. Find your nearest studio and book an appointment today! 

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