Great Tips to Get Your Pictures Displayed

By Aurelia Good on 2015-09-23


You did it - you went with your family to have pictures taken and you came home with that awesome envelope holding your sweet new photos all printed and ready to decorate your walls - and weeks later you realize that you never got around to hanging the new photos! With four kids, this is what used to happen to me. I had great intentions after every single photo shoot, but I never actually got them UP on my walls. 

If this sounds like you, then I've got some great tips for you to get those photos out of the envelopes and ON the walls:

*Schedule some time to go through your photos and hang them. I have a bad habit of coming home with prints and then never getting them up on the walls - and the whole reason I take my kids to the studio is so I can share their adorableness and decorate my walls.

*You don't have to keep every single picture up - change it up! We all have favorite photos, but our kids keep growing and changing. Go ahead and update those old photos with up to date pictures.

*If it's a favorite older photo, don't throw it away. You can either keep in the frame and put the newer photos in front, or dedicate a photo or scrapbook album just for those favorite photos.

*DATE your pictures!! Don't assume you will remember - because 2 years down the line you may be wondering where it was taken or how old the subject was. I love Sharpe extra fine print pens to lightly mark the back of the pictures.

*Like matching frames but don't have them? Use this simple tip - grab a can of spray paint and paint all the frames the same color. I love picking up old frames at thrift stores and flea markets - and then I spray them with matte black spray paint and they instantly match my decor. Try painting frames with bright colors for your kids' rooms or a fun accent color for your walls. The best part is that you can change the paint any time you want!

*Hesitant to nail/screw holes in your wall? Use Command picture hanging strips and when you want to move your photo frames, they really do peel away without peeling the paint!

*Stop trying to make the *perfect* photo wall - grab some frames (see the tip above if you want matching frames) and lay them on the floor to get an idea of the layout you want. Don't be afraid to mix up a favorite verse print with your photo prints - I even framed the onsie that my daughters came home from the hospital in. Make your photo wall represent your family!

*Can't decide which ones to hang? Make a scrapbook or small photo album to flip through of favorite photos.

*Use a photo service like Portrait Innovations to make one of a kind photo gifts like coffee mugs, bags and calendars. I personally have my eye on a new phone case for my iPhone!!

*If you are super crafty, then grab some ModPodge and get creating! You can add photos to pretty much any surface, which means you can let your creativity go wild! I'd love to hear your ideas on how you get your photos on display!!

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