Getting Great Portraits with a Blended Family

By Guest Blogger on 2015-05-10


A big part of making a blended family work is to make sure everyone feels included as a family. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take family photos. I like to take as many pictures of us together as possible with my phone, but once a year we go into a studio, like Portrait Innovations, and have a photographer take nice photos of us.

I handle the whole process from picking a studio to coordinating outfits to making sure everyone is in a good mood before we arrive at the studio. All my family has to do is put on their clothes and smile!

Once I made the appointment (online, I’m all about convenience!), I started searching for coordinating outfits. Believe it or not, the most difficult person to dress is my husband so I make sure he picks his outfit first. 

He picked a navy, aqua and white plaid dress shirt with jeans so then I went from there. Since he had picked plaid, I made sure the rest of us were in solid colors so there wasn’t any crazy pattern wars going on. The boys wore navy and aqua polos, I wore a navy dress, and my step-daughter wore an aqua dress with a white lace overlay.

TIP: Make sure everyone wears clothes they are comfortable in. My son only likes to wear shorts so I made sure to get him chino shorts that are a little dressier. If he would have worn pants, the whole photo shoot would have been a disaster.

Once we got to the studio, we spoke to our photographer about exactly the types of photos we wanted. We wanted whole family photos and then sub-unit photos. In a blended family, the sub-units are important. My husband took pictures with his kids and I made sure to get pictures with just my son and me.  

The photographer was very open to our suggestions and just kept snapping away until we had all the pictures we had requested!

At Portrait Innovations, you get to sit with your photographer and choose your prints immediately after your photo shoot. They have so many options when it comes to print sizes, photo books and photo gifts. 

We thought ahead and ordered extra prints of the kid’s photos to use as future gifts for the grandparents.

TIP: Always order extra prints, you never know when they will come in handy!

I love how our photos came out and I will definitely be displaying all of them on a gallery wall in our living room. I ordered a 16 x 20 canvas of the kids' photo which will be our center photo and then I will put up all the other photos up around it. I'll make sure to purchase the same frame in different sizes to have a cohesive look on our gallery wall.

I am all about family. I love looking around our home and seeing our love for each other displayed in photos.



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