Fall is in the Air

By Melissa Ann on 2015-11-01



Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. I love the cooler weather, and the crisp, fresh Fall air. I also love all of the delicious Fall recipes that I can whip up for my family. Oh, and I can’t forget about how much I adore the alluring colors that nature takes on. Portrait Innovations has really captured the essence of Fall with their picture perfect backdrops filled with gorgeous Fall leaves, trees, and other seasonally appropriate nature scenes.

I also particularly love Fall clothing, and couldn’t wait to have a family portrait session to style our family in cute clothes for our photos. For the photos I went with a burgundy and gray color palette, with mostly dark tones, and rich, supple fabrics. I think these colors look great for Fall family photos since they complement the colors that exist in nature.  

Another wonderful option for family photos that would also play well with the beautiful background options at Portrait Innovations is a lighter color palette. Creams, oatmeal, brown, and similar shades also mimic natural colors, and would look perfect for your next portrait session.

Speaking of, if you haven’t yet scheduled your next family photo session at Portrait Innovations, you can conveniently locate a studio near you by clicking here. You can even schedule your appointment online!

As a side note, just recently moved to a new home, with lots of empty wall space. I haven’t had the time to recreate the gallery wall I designed in our previous home, and I also wanted some updated photos for the new one. The photos that we took at our Fall photo session were the perfect new home decor that we needed to accessorize our new walls! Our Portrait Innovations photographer placed an order for a large print, had it framed, and shipped directly to my home. So super convenient! 

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Melissa Ann

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