Documenting Life Changes

By Megan Galko on 2015-05-27


I don't know if it is the fact that I am turning 40 this year or the fact that my oldest is going to turn 12, but I have been feeling really nostalgic lately about how fast time goes by.

I remember vividly the day I brought my oldest home from the hospital, it seems likes both yesterday and a lifetime ago.  The past 12 years have flown by and I look at him and realize that it will only be a few short years until he is ready to leave home and go and build a life of his own.

One thing I can do though is make sure to document all the life changes my kids are experiencing as the years pass and I do that by making sure that I have their pictures taken regularly.  You know how people joke that they have more photos of their oldest than their youngest?  In my family, that isn't true and I make it a point to get pictures done of all my kids a few times a year and especially at Mother's Day.

Here am I with my 5 kids for our Mother's Day portrait in 2013.

And here are my pictures for Mother's Day 2015. Isn't it amazing how big the kids have gotten and how much they have changed in just two years?

Every year I go to Portrait Innovations for Mother's Day and Easter pictures and it is always fun to look back on prior years photos and see how much the kids have changed. Babies grow up and little boys and girls turn into young men and women and it is all documented in photos.

Now I'm sure that some of you are asking "Why should I use Portrait Innovations?" Well let me tell you why I use them with my 5 kids.

1.  The price is right. You really can't beat the prices at Portrait Innovations. The amount of pictures for the price is amazing.  In fact, even if you only buy the basic package at $19.99, you will still receive more than 40 pictures--yes, you read that right, more than 40 pictures, in a variety of sizes. So if you want 8x10's and grandparents want 5x7's and aunts and uncles want wallets you get all of those at a really great price, and there are no sitting fees.

2. Need gifts?  Then you can get them too!  What grandparent doesn't love a coffee mug or a special keepsake calendar or even jewelry with their grandchildren's pictures? These are great gifts and won't cost a fortune!

3. You see your pictures right away. This one is BIG for me! How many times have you had pictures taken elsewhere and then been disappointed when receive the photos and they weren't what you were expecting?  I love that we can have photos done and I can see how they turn out right away, especially when dealing with little kids or multiple kids in a picture.

4. Holiday Cards for all occasions. I love to send cards and I love that I can get cards made from my photos any time of year.  At Christmas it makes it easy because everything is done in one visit. Every other time of year? Then I have great photo cards for Easter, Mother's Day or just because. They make great Thank You Cards too!

5.  The staff is amazing. Truly, I don't think I have ever had a bad photographer. They are experienced and always go above and beyond my expectations to get my kids to smile for their pictures.  From crawling around on the floor to making silly faces, to wearing bears on their heads, they are always great.

Here is a picture of my youngest when she was just one year old. Isn't she a cutie?

And here she is at our last portrait session for her 3 year old pictures. Hasn't she changed so much in just 2 years?

So that is why I go to Portrait Innovations. Now, when is the last time YOU had pictures taken of your kids?



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