Creating a Special Gallery Wall for Baby's Nursery

By Guest Blogger on 2015-05-26


I was thrilled when I found out I was having a girl during my third pregnancy. After having two boys I was super excited to plan a girl’s nursery!

I knew from the get-go that we would do a soft gray color on the walls. For the accent color I wanted to go with lavender instead of the ever-popular pink.

We tried hard to get her nursery done before she arrived but unfortunately it just didn’t happen.

Most of her room was done with curtains hung, rug placed, frames purchased. But there were still no photos or décor up on her walls. Now, I realize that a baby doesn’t care if she has photos on the walls of her nursery. But I had a vision of a gallery wall full of cute photos of our girl. So even though her first birthday has come and gone – I was bound and determined to get this project done!

I take most of our family photos myself but I’ll be honest, after a rough winter of sick kids, I was more than happy to take Sawyer to Portrait Innovations for a special first birthday photo shoot! Having never used a service like this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was more than I could have hoped for.

We had two staff members who were so helpful at getting her to smile (she can be shy sometimes) and they were patient when Sawyer needed to stop for a quick snack. She’s a wiggly toddler after all!

I was able to pick out her photos and take prints with me that day! I went home on a mission – operation finish Sawyer’s gallery wall commenced!

1.     Peruse Pinterest for gallery wall ideas!

2.     Lay it all out on the floor in the same way it will go on the wall. I found this to be so helpful. Once I had all the photos in my frames I moved things around on the floor until I liked how it looked.

3.     Measure, measure and measure again! Gallery walls create lots of nail holes if you’re not careful. I measured the entire wall to find the center, put up the first décor item and then worked off of that piece for all of my other frames.

4.     Nail it up and enjoy your beautiful photos!


Once I finished the gallery wall I realized that I have the option to continue to add to it. I could eventually cover a lot more wall space if I want. I’ve also ordered a large portrait canvas to hang somewhere in her nursery. I can’t wait to see how this space transforms as she grows and we have more and more photos taken of our sweet little girl.



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