Capturing Summer Memories

By Megan Galko on 2015-09-01


Summer might be coming to an end but there is still time to get great beach photos done this year, whether you made it to the beach or not. I was lucky enough to head to the beach earlier this year and I snapped many candid photos of the kids, however, because of the weather I wasn't able to take any nice dressy pictures of all my kids together.

Getting great beach photos can be tough because everyone ends up squinting, the wind is blowing everyone's hair all over and it can be uncomfortable to sit in the sand. Add in a three year old who doesn't want to sit near the ocean and well..., it just doesn't work out. I was disappointed at the end of my beach vacation to not have a great photo of all the kids, so imagine how happy I was to hear my local Portrait Innovations studio could give me beautiful beach photos at a great price!

How awesome did this photo of my kids turn out? I was so excited about what a great job the photographer did at getting such cute looks on all of my kids faces that I was inspired to make a custom picture frame in which to display our beach photo. The only problem? I don't consider myself crafty so it needed to be easy...and trust me, this craft fits the bill perfectly!


Supplies Needed:
White picture frame (I used a 5x7)
Elmer's Craft Bond
Decorative sand
Decorative shells
Glue gun


1. Remove glass from picture frame and spray frame liberally with Elmer's Craft Bond.
2. Sprinkle sand over frame until desired look is achieved. Once you have the desired amount of sand spray liberally with Elmer's Craft Bond and allow to dry fully.
3. Use glue gun to attach decorative shells or pebbles to the frame.
4. Replace glass in frame, add picture and enjoy your beach photo!

Want to get your own beach photos from Portrait Innovations? Make sure to call your local studio today to schedule a photo appointment. While you are there, check out all the great backdrops and gift ideas available such as photo books and canvases.

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Megan Galko

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