5 Simple Tips for Fantastic Holiday Portraits

By Katie Markey McLaughlin on 2015-12-09


For many, family portraits are as essential to the holiday season as trimming the tree and baking cookies. The holidays just aren’t complete without a family photo session.

So of course you want to get it just right.

The professional photographers at Portrait Innovations can help you capture your family’s joy during this special time of year. You’ll come away with that perfect shot to frame on your wall or send as your holiday card—plus a good dose of holiday cheer!

Schedule your photo session today, and then remember these five simple tips for getting fantastic holiday portraits.

1. Think beyond red and green.
Red and green are traditional Christmas colors, but don’t feel you have to be limited to them. Other color combinations can look equally classic and seasonal.

You can use just one traditional holiday color—like we did with our red and black combination—or you can go in an entirely different direction. Jewel tones like emerald green, amethyst purple, or sapphire blue are especially stylish this season, and they look great against the whites and golds featured in Portrait Innovations’ current holiday background.

2. But still choose timeless styles for your outfits.
No matter what color combination you choose, you should still avoid clothing with big writing or anything overly trendy, since you might not like what it says or how it looks down the road. Whether you choose to go with formal outfits or casual ones, you can still wear ageless styles that will look good years from now.

3. Redefine the “perfect shot.”
In your mind you might be pining for the traditional “perfect shot” with everyone looking straight at the camera and flashing a well-rehearsed smile. But that doesn’t always allow for personalities to shine through—especially when kids or babies are involved!

I love this shot of my family despite the fact that my baby girl isn’t looking at the camera. Instead she’s looking at her brother, which is by far her favorite thing to do right now. Most days she can barely take her eyes off him! So this photo captures what life is really like for our family this holiday season, and I love that.

4. Have fun with it!
Sometimes the best photos are the ones that involve a touch of silliness. So don’t take yourself too seriously during your photo session; instead, let everyone have a bit of fun in front of the camera!

Feel free to bring a prop along to your photo session—your child’s favorite Christmas teddy bear, perhaps—or open yourself up to some ideas from your photographer. I love this shot of my son in a Santa hat!

5. Consider the gift possibilities.
When making your holiday picture selections, be sure to keep in mind those people on your list who would love to receive a photo gift this year. (They’re always a huge hit with grandparents!)

Portrait Innovations offers a wide selection of products that would make thoughtful and treasured gifts, ranging from portrait books and calendars to ornaments and keepsake boxes. So go into your photo session knowing that it can do more than capture family memories; it can also help with your holiday shopping!

The holiday season is all about joy and togetherness. Whether a family portrait session is something you’ve always done or a tradition you want to start this year, Portrait Innovations can help get the perfect holiday shot. Find your nearest studio and book your appointment today! 


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