4 Simple Tips for Adorable Baby Portraits

By Katie Markey McLaughlin on 2015-09-18


When you’re a new parent, the phrase you hear most often from more experienced ones is this: “It all goes by so fast.”

The reason people say that all the time? Because it’s true!

You’re going to blink and your fragile little newborn will be walking across the floor. You’ll blink again and she’ll be heading off to college.

Beautiful baby portraits can help you savor the present moment with your little one, ensuring that you’ll never forget what life was like when he/she was so tiny.

Portrait Innovations offers amazing baby photo services for capturing this precious time. I was thrilled to get some gorgeous photos of my then-2-month-old daughter! Here are some simple tips I followed to make the most of the photo session.

4 Simple Tips for Adorable Baby Portraits
1. Try to time it right.
When choosing your appointment time, consider your baby’s general sleep and feeding routine. Portrait Innovations photographers usually suggest selecting an appointment right after a feeding, and I’ve always found that mornings are better for babies than afternoons.

2. Don’t rush it.
Don’t make plans for immediately after your portrait session, forcing you to rush through it. Some babies—especially those beyond the newborn phase—take a little while to warm up to the new environment, so give yourself plenty of time to let that happen. And if your baby gets upset and starts to cry (which babies are known to do!), you want to have time to soothe him/her before taking more photos.

3. Stock your diaper bag.
One of the best ways to ensure a successful baby portrait session is to come prepared. Make sure your bag is packed with diapers and wipes, a bottle or other feeding supplies, pacifier, and an extra outfit in case the one your baby’s wearing gets soiled. I stocked my bag with tons of burp cloths, too, since my little girl is prone to spitting up!

4. Relax!
Babies are remarkably good at picking up on any frustration in the room—especially if it’s coming from their moms. If you’re stressed, your baby will be stressed too. So try to relax and enjoy the process, and no doubt the photographers at Portrait Innovations will get the perfect shot of your little one.

So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest studio and schedule a baby portrait session today! If you want, you can even capture every baby milestone with photo sessions at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year. And don’t forget to check the special offers page for the latest coupons and special savings!

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